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Google Wallet App not working after installing Android 14 Beta 2

Google Wallet has been a popular choice among Android users, allowing them to conveniently make payments, send money and store digital receipts. However, with the release of the Android 14 beta, some users are experiencing issues with the Google Wallet app. This article digs into the issues faced by these users and explores possible solutions.

Beta versions of operating systems are intended for developers and enthusiasts to test and provide feedback on new features and changes before the final release. It is common for beta versions to have bugs and compatibility issues, and Android 14 is no exception. Several users who have installed the Android 14 beta version have reported problems with the Google Wallet app.

While the Android 14 beta brings exciting new features, it’s important to remember that beta software is often at risk of compatibility issues and bugs. Reported issues with the Google Wallet app on the Android 14 beta are worrying users who rely heavily on it for financial transactions.

Affected users can work to resolve these issues and restore application functionality by following the suggested solutions or seeking assistance from Google Support.

Common problems faced by users

  • Application crashes: One of the most commonly reported issues is application crashes on startup or during transactions. Users mentioned that they were unable to access their accounts or perform any payment-related activities.
  • Payment failures: Some users are having trouble making payments through the Google Wallet app on Android 14 beta. The transaction failed or got stuck, preventing the user from completing the purchase.
  • Account Sync: Users have reported issues syncing their Google Wallet accounts on the Android 14 beta. This issue affects retrieval of transaction history, saving of payment methods, and access to personalized offers.
  • UI glitches: Some users experienced UI glitches, such as buttons not working properly, missing elements, or distorted layouts. These issues affected the overall user experience and made navigating the app challenging.

Possible solution for Google Wallet not working

  • Update the Google Wallet app: Check the Google Play Store for a newer version of the Google Wallet app. Developers frequently release updates to address compatibility issues with new Android versions. Installing the latest version may solve the problem.
  • Clear app cache and data: Navigate to the Settings menu on your Android device, select Apps & Notifications, and find the Google Wallet app. Click on it and select “Storage”. Then, clear cache and data. Restart the application and check if the problem persists.
  • Contact Google Support: If the problem persists, contacting Google’s customer support may provide further assistance. They can provide insight into known issues and provide guidance on resolving Android 14 beta compatibility issues.
  • Roll back to a stable Android version: If issues with Google Wallet seriously affect your daily use, please consider reverting to a stable Android version until the compatibility issue is resolved. Keep in mind that this process may involve resetting your device and wiping data, so it’s important to back up your files beforehand.

Google is expected to resolve these compatibility issues before the official release of Android 14, again ensuring a seamless experience for users with the Google Wallet app.

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