Google’s Android 14 will prevent apps from outdated version from being installed


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Google has made another enhancement to the upcoming Android 14 update. The forthcoming Android version will now include powerful security features that will stop users from downloading outdated apps on your Android phone.

Basically, the company provides Android security to protect users’ privacy and data on Google OS-based smartphones. Apparently, Android 14 will prevent apps from outdated version from being installed.

Lately, Google updated its guidelines to ensure that newly released Play Store apps target Android 12 version. However, this security measure, which requires running at least Android 12, only applies to items in the Google Play Store.

Developers can easily ask their users to manually sideload older application versions. Also, the Play Store will continue to list apps that haven’t been updated in a long time for users who already have them installed.

The latest features will take effect based on recent code changes, and Android 14 will have stricter API requirements, which will completely prevent outdated apps from being installed.


This change will restrict users from sideloading certain outdated APK files. Besides that, stricter API will also prevent users from installing the same app from external app stores.


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