How to lock or hide apps on Samsung Galaxy S23/+/Ultra


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Samsung launched Galaxy S23 series in February 2023 with a buch of upgrades compared to its predecessor. These smartphone come with an upgraded chipset, however, the design is somewhat similar to the previous generation Galaxy S22 lineup.

As usual, the series comprise of three smartphones including Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. And while all of them feature a flagship level security system, users might want to protect their phones from any unauthorised access.

Although Samsung offers different options to prevent unauthorised access to its smartphones such as PIN, Password, and fingerprint scanner, and face unlock, users still want to lock some specific apps for better protection to their data.

And thus, a requirement of an app lock becomes necessity. However, there are various third party app lock software are available on online, Samsung also gives an in-built feature to lock or hide their apps.


In this guide, we will detail the method with which you can secure your specific applications or hide them for the sake of your security.

To be continued…


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