How to fix Pixel 7 Pro screen flicker issue 


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Google’s current flagship smartphone Pixel 7 Pro was launched with a pre-installed Android 13 version last year. Now, some of the users are finding new issues called screen flickering on their Pixel 7 Pro units.

Even, Plenty of users also encountered the same problem, saying that the green-colored light is visible on a screen near the power button then it appears on half of the screen. Moreover, this issue is intensified if the device is used for a long time. Even though, the device also sometimes didn’t respond.

Additionally, the company may fix the screen flicking issue with January 2022 security update. Meanwhile, you can try to fix this problem manually from the given steps:

There are several things you can try to fix a screen flickering issue on your Pixel 7 Pro:

  1. Restart your Pixel: A simple restart may fix the issue if it’s caused by a minor software glitch.
  2. Update your phone’s software: Make sure you have the latest version of the software as updates often include bug fixes.
  3. Check for loose connections: If the screen flickering is accompanied by other issues such as sound problems, it could be due to a loose connection.
  4. Reduce screen brightness: If the flickering only occurs at high brightness levels, try reducing the brightness to see if it resolves the issue.
  5. Check for apps causing the issue: If the issue only occurs when using certain apps, it could be a problem with those apps. Try uninstalling or disabling the app to see if it fixes the issue.
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  7. Factory reset: If none of the above steps help, you may want to try a factory reset. This will erase all data from your phone and restore it to its default settings, which may fix the issue.
  8. Contact the manufacturer: If the issue persists after trying all of the above steps, it may be a hardware issue. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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