How to report errors on One UI 5.0 beta


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Samsung has already started releasing the One UI 5.0 beta program based on Android 13 for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S20, and will soon proceed for other Galaxy devices including Galaxy Z Flip3 & Z Fold3, Galaxy Note 20, and more to join the latest One UI beta update.

The latest One UI beta is planned to improve upon the upcoming major release. Those users will provide feedback directly to the Samsung development team to fix issues and make changes if needed.

The Android 13-based One UI beta will let the Samsung Galaxy users experience all the most delinquent features and optimizations of the latest custom skin before the stable release. and if you find any kind of issues or errors on the latest software then you can directly report to the company.

report errors on One UI 5.0 beta

If you are on Android 13 based One UI 5.0 beta version and want to encounter any of the issues or bugs found in your Galaxy phone, then you can follow the given steps:

  • Open the menu
  • Press & Hold Samsung Members icon, then tap error reports
  • Select the category of your report
  • Make sure that “Send System Log Data” is selected to help resolve your questions
  • Quickly and describe your problem in detail
  • Change the frequency to whatever you prefer
  • Then send it & you`ll get a response notification shortly from Samsung

The latest One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 features:

One UI 5-based Android 13 has much to offer such as more Material You color schemes and ‘cinematic’ wallpapers, Tap-to-transfer, Opt-in notifications, QR code scanner, ‘Panlingual’ per-app language settings for apps, Battery measures, UWB support, Support for Bluetooth Low-Energy Audio, Home button Assistant toggle and more.

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