Samsung One UI 5.0 (Android 13) Update Tracker: Eligible devices, Top features, Release date, Leaks

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Samsung released the stable version of its One UI 4.0 update based on Android 12 to all of its eligible flagship phones. And the rollout for the remaining mid-range and budget phones is on the way with a couple of A-series devices receiving the latest update and others in the queue.

The Korean firm adopted Google’s Material You design which makes the One UI 4.0 look more attractive than ever. Moreover, the upcoming One UI 4.1 is also said to add some interesting features to the eligible Galaxy devices.

And while OEMs are busy rolling out the Android 12 update for their eligible devices, Google has already begun the preparations for its next major OS — the Android 13.

Till now, we have seen a handful of features of the upcoming Android 13 that were leaked in the last few days and you can check them out in our dedicated tracker. Moreover, we still wait for more to come as we proceed further in 2022.

Well, being software enthusiasts we always wait for what’s next. And the party is not over at just the Android 12. After an Android version is released, folks over at Google move to the next one. Likewise, after Android 12, the next major update is indeed Android 13.


And if past trends are something to go by, we can see the early development of Android 13 begin until the end of February. The Mountain-view-based company will start with the developer previews, followed by public betas, and then the stable version. To know more about Android 13, head here.


Meanwhile, Samsung fans would be curious about their version of Android 13 and when they can expect it. However, the Galaxy devices have another Android 12-based update — One UI 4.1 — on their way to Android 13, but to know about the upcoming software is always exciting.

And while we don’t have any confirmed information regarding the One UI 5.0 at such an early stage, we can still get an idea of how it’s going to work and thanks to Samsung’s moves over the last couple of years.

We already know that the Korean tech giant kick-started the beta testing of its new OS with the latest S-series phones. So, Galaxy S22 series will be the first to test the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 followed by other flagships including Galaxy S21, S20, and Note 20 series.

one ui 4.0 features

As of now, there isn’t any information regarding the One UI 5.0 software, but as the development of Android 13 has begun, there won’t be much time for Samsung to start its own preparation. And we will update this article as and when we get anything new regarding Samsung’s upcoming skin.

So, you would want to bookmark this page in order to get the latest news, leaks, and other information about Samsung’s Android 13 update.

Release date: How far are we

Update: April 7 

Samsung could begin Android 13 and One UI 5.0 public beta testing by July. According to the latest report, users may be able to test the company’s upcoming OS in just three to four months. Know more here.

Update: June 6

Samsung has reportedly begun software development for its upcoming One UI update, which could be One UI 4.1.1 or One UI 5.0. However, it is presumed that it’s One UI 4.1.1. Read more here.

Update: June 10

A new report from Sammobile claims that the upcoming One UI 5.0 based on the Android 13 beta program may release sometime in early October or late July this year, the Galaxy S22 series will be the first to get it. Read more

Update: July 19

Just a few months ago, there was a rumor suggesting that Samsung may start rolling out the One UI 5.0-based Android 13 beta version sometime in the third week of July. Even though the company is actually seeking to release the latest Android version quickly for its phones. Read more

Update: July 26

Samsung has opened the official One UI 5.0 beta forum on its community site. Therefore, we can expect the company to start the One UI 5 beta testing for its smartphones and tablets soon. Read more

Update: July 28

Samsung may have delayed its latest One UI 5.0 beta testing program until next month. This delay could also lead to a possible rollback of stable releases as well. As per Sammobile, it may be Google’s fault as its latest Android 13 need more polishing. Read more

Update: July 31

Samsung finally confirmed postponing the One UI 5.0 beta testing for its phones till August As Google find some serious issues and bugs in the latest Android 13 version. It seems that the search engine tech giant will release another Android beta version for its Pixel phones. Read more

Update: August 1

One UI 5.0 beta testing is about to begin, and according to the official announcement, Samsung confirmed that a special One UI premium challenge program will be launched soon. Later the official team came forward and replied that it is not a private or separate test program and it will be launched with the next test program, not before that.

Update: August 2

Samsung has finally started One UI 5.0 beta testing for the Galaxy S22 series. The beta update is only limited to South Korea currently. Read more

Update: August 9

Samsung has internally started One UI 5.0 beta testing for the Galaxy S21 series. Now that Samsung has released the One UI 5.0 beta for its developers on these smartphones. Read more

Update: August 10

Samsung Galaxy S22 getting Android 13-based One UI 5.0 open beta in the US on T-Mobile at the moment. The beta version also includes the August 2022 security patch. Read more

Update: August 12

Samsung may start Android 13-based One UI 5 internal beta testing for the Galaxy S22 series in China. The company may start One UI 5 beta recruitment on 23 August for these smartphones.

Update: August 17

Samsung is now testing a tweaked UI call screen with the One UI 5.0 beta version. The company released a poll, asking users to choose between two different UI designs for the call screen. Read more

Update: August 20

Samsung One UI 5.0 beta-based Android 13 for the Galaxy Z Flip3 & Z Fold3 is around the corner. The company might be internally testing the latest One UI version for these smartphones. Read more

Update: August 22

Samsung to soon release One UI 5.0 beta 2 versions based on Android 13 for its smartphones starting with Galaxy S22 with new icon design. Read more

Update: August 24

Now, Samsung has delayed the One UI 5.0 beta 2 versions for its smartphones as it was rolling out the beta update this week. According to Iceuniverce on Twitter, the delay is reportedly due to a major bug in the system animation, and the company may release this update once it’s fixed. Read more

Update: August 27

Samsung revealed the official One UI 5.0 update release date. According to Sammobile, the company may kick off the stable version of its latest custom skin sometime in next month (17th-18th September). Read more

Update: Sep. 5

According to the Ice universe, the latest One UI 5.0 beta version has the laziest and lagging animation of any phone brand in the world. The beta version usually has issues with them, the company will soon release another beta to fix these kinds of issues. Read more

Update: Sep. 7

Samsung’s upcoming One UI 5.0 another beta version should arrive for the Galaxy S22 series sometime next week. The company has revealed this through the Samsung Members app on Galaxy S22. The users who are already enrolled in the beta program will receive this beta update. Read more

Update: Sep. 9

After rolling out the One UI 5.0 beta update for the Galaxy S21 series in the UK, US, and South Korea. Now, the company has started the One UI 5.0 beta program for the Galaxy S21 trio in India. Interested users can enroll in the beta version from the Samsung Members app. Read more

Update: Sep. 13

Samsung to soon start One UI 5.0 beta internal testing for the Galaxy F62 phone based on the Android 13 update in India with testing version E625FDDU2CVI6. Read more

Update: Sep. 17

According to Checkfirm, Samsung is reportedly testing the One UI 5.0 internally for Galaxy A51 in India.

Update: Sep. 19

According to Ice Universe, Samsung may delay kicking off the upcoming One UI 5.0 beta 3 based o Android 13 for the Galaxy S22 series as it can solve some major errors. Read more

Update: Sep. 21

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 family has now started receiving the One UI 5.0 beta update in the US, For more info here.

Update: Sep. 22

Samsung opened the One UI 5.0 beta for the Galaxy S22 snapdragon variant. The third One UI 5.0 beta update, firmware version ends ZVI9. The beta version is said to be live in China and India. Read more

Samsung has also started the One UI 5.0 internal beta testing based on Android 13 for the Galaxy S10 Lite phone in India with testing version G770FXXU6HVI3. Read more

Update: Sep. 23

Samsung to soon start One UI 5.0 beta internal testing for the Galaxy Z Flip4 & Z Fold4 phone based on the Android 13 update. Read more

Update: Sep. 26


Samsung has started rolling out the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 beta 1 update for the Galaxy A52 smartphone in India currently. Users can now join the beta program from the Samsung Members app. Read more

One UI 5 feature: What’s new coming in for Galaxy users?

Update: June 9

Samsung’s upcoming One UI 5.0 update may improve the UI animation speed for eligible Galaxy devices. According to a report via Sammobile, the company is planning to optimize the UI animation speed with some modifications. Read more

Update: July 9

While Samsung is yet to reveal its Android 13-based custom skin, folks over at  9to5Google have already got their hands on some of the new changes that it’ll carry along.

Some UI changes have been noticed, revealing the early build that is being tested on Galaxy S21+. However, this isn’t everything that’s coming this year for Galaxy users, but gradually and hopefully more leaks will follow up ahead of the public beta release.


  • Tweaked notification design & small quick settings icons.
  • New Android permission dialogs.
  • OCR support in Gallery and insert text from the image feature in the keyboard
  • New multitasking gestures
  • Samsung Notes gets Collaboration feature
  • Currently active app will now show in quick settings
  • About phone page now shows image of device
  • UWB (Ultra Wide Band) toggle in settings

Here are all the aforementioned changes in detail:

Compared to One UI 4, the notification design has been slightly tweaked wherein you’ll get new icons along with an updated design style. Moreover, the new version also has some changes in the opacity and the quick settings icons have been slightly narrowed down in size.

Another change that’s been implemented in One UI 5 is the Android permission dialog. Samsung seems to have used the default Android permission dialog that features in Pixel phones.

One UI 5 has added OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that lets you copy text from images to the Gallery app and keyboard. It will now provide a button — that’ll help you extract text — at the bottom of Gallery.


New multitasking gestures have been added that will now help you quickly access pop-up view and split-screen mode.

Some other miscellaneous changes that have been noticed include Collaboration in Samsung Notes, currently active app will show in quick settings, UWB toggle added in settings, and About phone page now has an image of the device.

(Courtesy  — 9to5Google)

One UI 5 device list: Are you getting it?

Galaxy S Series

  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21+
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S21 FE 5G
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 FE
  • Galaxy S20+
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Galaxy S10 Lite

Galaxy Note Series

  • Galaxy Note 20
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Galaxy Z Fold/Flip Series

  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Galaxy Z Flip
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy A Series

  • Galaxy A72
  • Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G
  • Galaxy A71, Galaxy A71 5G, and Galaxy A71 5G UW
  • Galaxy A51, Galaxy A51 5G, and Galaxy A51 5G UW
  • Galaxy A32 and Galaxy A32 5G
  • Galaxy A22 and Galaxy A22 5G

Galaxy M Series

  • Galaxy M62
  • Galaxy M42 5G
  • Galaxy M32 and Galaxy M32 5G
  • Galaxy M12

Galaxy F Series

  • Galaxy F62
  • Galaxy F52 5G
  • Galaxy F22
  • Galaxy F12

Galaxy Tab Series

  • Galaxy Tab S7
  • Galaxy Tab S7+
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite


  • This article will be updated as and when anything new regarding One UI 5.0 comes up.
  • This list of eligible mentioned above is not actually confirmed but is based on Samsung’s update policy and is subject to change in the future.


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