Download Android 13 for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 using Custom ROM

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    Samsung ended software support for the Galaxy Note 9 Series as it is mentioned in Samsung’s update policy, these phones will only get three major updates after launch, and Android 11-based One UI 3.1 was the last OS update for the Galaxy Note 9 series.

    Since Google released the Android 13 update for its Pixels and put the source code in AOSP. Third-party custom ROM developers have begun work on custom skins based on Android 13 for Android devices including Galaxy Note 9.

    Now, these phones can run the latest Android 13-based custom ROM. Here are the steps for the installation of Android 13-based custom ROM and flash it manually on your device with the help of custom recovery.

    Galaxy Note 9 Android 13

    To download the latest Android version, please meet the requirements:

    • Download ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and fastboot command, if you haven’t installed TWRP
    • Download the Samsung USB driver
    • Unlock the Bootloader in your device (Open Settings > enable Developer option > then tap OEM unlock > click ON)
    • Install TWRP on your Galaxy Note 9
    • Root your Galaxy with the Magisk app

    Here, how to install the Android 13 custom ROM in the Galaxy Note 9:

    • Download any Custom Recovery (prefer: TWRP)
    • Reboot your phone to recovery mode
    • Power off the device > Press volume up and power key at the same time > let Android recovery appear (Control with volume up and down and press power key to select)
    • Then wipe the cache; including, Data, System, Vendor
    • Click flash ROM > select Android 13 Custom ROM zip.file > flash it
    • Reboot system

    Download: Android 13 Custom ROM

    The latest Android 13 Custom ROM includes a bunch of new features and optimization, fixed FC bugs in many apps, a Material You-based design, new music control options with new looks, a switch notification background to monet on heads up, and more.

    • Add Hide Status bar on the Lock screen toggle
    • Allow enabling compact layout of the navigation bar
    • Custom logo customizations
    • Fix Wakelock issue
    • Hide the “Show the vibrate icon in the Status Bar” setting
    • Port “Battery Usage Alerts” feature from factory images
    • PreviewInflater: Fix the issue with the google dialer widget on the keyguard
    • QS: Add Music QS Tile
    • QuickStatusBarHeader: Fix clickability issue with privacy indicator
    • Settings: Add hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
    • Settings: Add pocket lock toggle
    • Settings: Add preference for toggling the wallpaper zooming animation
    • Settings: Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
    • Settings: DevicePicker: Adapt to S style
    • Settings: Display auto rotate settings instead of toggle
    • Settings: Fixup start padding for battery usage graph
    • Settings: Long press to copy wifi password
    • Settings: Observe auto brightness mode changes
    • Settings: Remove divider from Battery Manager
    • Settings: Smart Charging
    • Settings: Update package details to match S style
    • Settings: Use List Preference for NightLight settings
    • Settings: Use font configs instead of fonts directly
    • Settings: check wifi direct feature for showing preferences
    • Settings: move Extra Dim feature to display
    • SoftAp: add Hidden SSID preference
    • SoftAp: add client manager
    • SystemUI: Add VPN tile
    • SystemUI: Switch notification background to monet on heads up
    • Turn off carrier provisioning by default to allow tethering
    • Wire up default fonts with font engine
    • base: Do not reset keyguard going away state
    • base: Use font configs instead hardcoded fonts
    • development: Enable force resizable activities by default development: Enable freeform windows by default
    • pocket lock: Increase to 15 sec the pocket lock screen
    • Add Google Sound Search tile
    • Bring back Screen off UDFPS
    • ColorUtils: Prevent crash if an alpha component is translucent
    • EnhancedEstimates: Get estimates from Device Health Services
    • Evolver: Add Flashlight blink on incoming calls
    • Add Lockscreen album art filter
    • Add Secure QS tile toggle
    • Add Volume key cursor control
    • Add a double tap to sleep gesture
    • Add a double tap to sleep on lock screen
    • Add kill button to notification guts
    • Add navbar layout inversion tuning
    • Add option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon
    • Add quick settings pull down with one finger
    • Evolver: Add roaming indicator toggle
    • Evolver: Add runtime configurable audio panel location
    • Allow disabling qs on secure lockscreen
    • Allow scheduling always on display
    • Allow to disable qs footer warnings
    • Allow to enable Lockscreen Media Art
    • Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON
    • Allow using 4G icon instead LTE
    • Bring back Network traffic
    • Bring back Power menu options
    • Bring back Status bar brightness control
    • Bring back old style mobile data indicators
    • Hide power menu on secure lockscreen
    • Incall vibration options
    • Launch default music player on headset connect
    • Less boring heads up option
    • Live Volume Steps
    • Fix Google Photos unlimited backup
    • Fix screen flickering when using one handed mode
    • PowerUI: Mute logcat spam
    • QSPanel: Don’t crash when not using media player
    • Reduce NotificationHistoryDatabase logspam
    • Restore cache clean up code in PackageManagerService
    • Screenshot: Remove scroll chip button text
    • Settings: Add Wake on plug toggle
    • Settings: Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
    • Settings: Allow changing the length of gesture navbar
    • Settings: Bring back Immersive Navbar (full screen gestures)
    • Settings: Bring back Smart Pause
    • Settings: Double tap to trigger doze
    • Settings: Forward port lockscreen quick unlock
    • Settings: Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
    • Settings: Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks
    • SettingsProvider: Set device name to marketname if available
    • Stop Microsoft apps from crashing without INTERNET permission
    • StrictMode: Don’t enable extra features for userdebug builds
    • SystemUI: Add colors to assistant animation
    • SystemUI: Better QS detail clip animation
    • SystemUI: Block annoying statusbar call strength icon
    • SystemUI: Bring back separate wifi & data QS tiles
    • SystemUI: Dismiss keyguard on boot if disabled by current profile
    • SystemUI: Dismiss screenshot window on touch outside
    • SystemUI: Enable lockscreen media artwork even if qs media is enabled
    • SystemUI: Enable session-based media actions for all apps
    • SystemUI: Fix double unlock sound issue
    • SystemUI: Forward-port smartspace to Android 13
    • SystemUI: HeadsUpTile: Open Heads Up fragment on long click
    • SystemUI: Introduce dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    • SystemUI: Make battery & clock clickable again in QuickStatusBarHeader
    • SystemUI: Prevent loop with display timeout
    • SystemUI: Respect Statusbar left padding in keyguard carrier
    • TtsEngines: avoid crashes caused by null engine name
    • core: Wipe package cache on upgrade even on user build
    • display: Don’t spam log when display state changes
    • services: whitelist Nfc Service from clipboard toasts
    • telephony: show ICCID by default for all

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