Google Android 13 (Tiramisu) Features: Leaked, rumored, and confirmed

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    While OEMs are hastening to roll out Android 12 update to their eligible models, it seems that Google’s next major Android version —the Android 13 ‘Tiramisu’— is already following up.

    Although, we don’t have any major developments over Android 13, given there is still some time for this version to get officially available in developer preview and then beta, the leaks, rumors, and some sorts of news have already begun to show up.

    Talking about the features it’ll carry, at such an early stage it would be difficult to say as to what the Android 13 will bring for us. But indeed we will follow every piece of info in a bid to extract the features of the upcoming OS. But eventually, some initial features may have leaked already.

    Android 13 feature

    In this story, we will keep a track of all the features of the upcoming Android 13. So you would want to bookmark this page in order to get all the latest updates on what possible changes Google’s new OS will bring to your devices.

    Android 13 Features – Leaked, rumored, and confirmed

    Update 11: July 26

    Google released a minor update for the Pixel users over Android 13 beta 4. The update brings a bunch of known bug fixes and system improvements. The Android 13 beta 4.1 is just a minor update to the main Android 13 beta 4 and doesn’t have any major changes, just a security patch with some known issues. Read more

    Update 10: July 25

    YouTube Music finally makes its way to Android 13 via the Play Store with version 5.16. Actually, the update does bring quite a few changes with some new features like UI tweaks, and a more polished version of Material You. One of the most notable improvements in Android 13 is the new squiggly media player, which requires apps to target API level 33 to use the new design. Read more

    Update 09: July 14

    Google finally released the last Android 13 beta for the Pixel phone. The company has asked apps and game developers to finish their final compatibility test. Those who are currently running the Android 13 beta 3.3 will receive an OTA for this update. Read more

    Update 08: June 28

    Google released Android 13 beta 3 a couple of days ago and followed by some incremental bug-fixing patches. The company had previously rolled out Android 13 beta 3.1 and beta 3.2 to address some issues. Now, the company has started pushing Beta 3.3 for eligible Pixel phones. Read more

    Update 07: May. 27

    Google has started releasing the latest Android 13 beta 2.1 version for Pixels. The users running new Android version beta can apply or can download it. The beta version bring some known fixes with system improvements. Read more

    Update 06: May. 05

    Does your Pixel running Android 13 Beta 1? if it doesn’t, then here’s Google clearly explains on its reddit account, why this update won’t land on your device immediately.

    The reason; May 2022 Update for Pixel devices was released earlier this week, and for those who downloaded the update, they might find there’s a delay in upgrading to one of the latest beta due to technical limitations. This is because the May 2022 Update runs newer software than the existing beta. So, the Beta might not work at the moment.

    Now, the next version of the Android 12 QPR3 beta program is scheduled for release later this week. The users in the Android 13 beta program will have to wait longer till Google I/O 2022. Read more

    Update 05: Mar. 10

    Android 13 developer preview is here, according to the Android police, the upcoming Android 13 is made for developers, the company didn’t give you the option to upgrade like OTA (over-the-air) for that you just have to wait for the upcoming beta version.

    If you have to manually install the Android 13 Developer preview beta 1 then, just open Google’s stock OTA site and follow the process, if you are unaware with this process follow the given steps:

    • A computer running Linux, macOS, or Windows. The truly adventurous can also use another Android phone with USB OTG functionality.
    • A supported device for the Android 13 Developer Preview. Right now that list is limited to the Pixel 4 series, Pixel 4a series, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, and Pixel 6 series.
    • A good cable to connect your computer (or phone with USB OTG) to your phone.
    • A supported web browser, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The Android Flash Tool relies on WebUSB to connect your computer to your phone, so it won’t work without this feature.

    Update 04: Jan. 13

    Android 13 dynamic theming 

    Well, if you are using the Android 12 installed device, you might be well aware of Google’s dynamic theming feature that lets you cover your entire device based on a single theme. Google seems to add more to its existing feature and introduce four more colors to the dynamic theming.

    New notification permission

    With Android 13, you’ll get to decide whether you want an app to send a notification or not. As this is becoming an opt-in thing with the upcoming OS, Google might want to make it look good as it will be used more frequently, so here’s how the new notification permission UI will look.


    Update 03: Jan 11

    Home button Google Assitant toggle

    The Android 13 may add a toggle for you to decide whether you want to invoke the Google Assistant by long-pressing the home button or not. This isn’t possible until now, however, the upcoming OS might have a solution for this too.


    Keyguard user switcher

    Google could add an alternative method to access the Keyguard user switcher to make it easier to access. Check more on that here.

    Update 02: Jan. 10 

    New output picker

    Another tweak in the Android 13 could be in the output picker. For those unaware, an output picker is that part of the UI present on the top right that shows media controls such as casting options, Bluetooth devices, and speakers.


    Tap-to-transfer feature

    As the name itself suggests, tap-to-transfer may debut with Android 13 and will let you move media from your phone to other devices. However, everything about it is not yet confirmed. Check more here.

    Lock screen QR reader and a Quick Settings tile

    In recent times, QR codes have become an absolutely normal thing, so a convenient setting for these will make it even easier to scan one and get the job done. The latest leak suggests that Google may add a QR code scanner directly on a lock screen and also provide a quick toggle to access one.

    Here’s a glimpse of these features (tap the below images to enlarge):

    Update 01: Dec. 23 

    In the latest development regarding Android 13, folks over at XDAdevelopers have come up with some exclusive piece of info on Google’s Tiramisu update. While we don’t know when it will be available in developer preview, here are some initial features of Android 13 OS to start with.

    App language

    Google seems to be working on a feature code-named ‘Panlingual’. Basically, this feature will allow users to set a different preferred language for each app. Users will be able to access this feature on the system through Settings > System > Languages & input > Languages.

    While this feature is supposed to arrive as ‘App Languages’ option in the Language & input settings, users can also access it directly from that particular app from the App info screen. Here are some leaked screenshots for more details.

    Tap on the image below to enlarge:

    Run time permission for notifications

    Well, if you are bothered by app notifications popping up on your Android device more often, then Android 13 might have something for you. Android 13 is said to add a new POST_NOTIFICATIONS for notifications.

    As a result, just like the system asks for your permission if you want an app to grant access to your location or camera, the exact same work will happen with notification permission as well. So, if you don’t want any app to bother you frequently via annoying notifications, you can just simply turn them off.

    This approach may also reduce notification spamming. Here are some screenshots for you to understand closely.

    Tap on the below images to enlarge:

    TARE: The Android Resource Economy—

    Lock Screen Clock Layouts—

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