YouTube won’t let creators hide subscribers count to manage comment spam

YouTube is currently working on its latest issues of spam comments on creators’ videos. The upcoming update for YouTube will make its way later this month.

The impending upgrade will include three new features like increased strictness, creators will not allow hiding subscribers, and restrictions on the use of special characters while creating a new account.

These latest changes will take place on July 27, 2022. And also YouTube will provide them with improved comment moderation to reduce spam from the crowd.

“We know that comment and identity abuse-related spam is top of mind for the YouTube community, so today we’re sharing several updates that will help to better protect our viewers and creators from comment spam, as well as make it harder to impersonate creators,” Meaghan, TeamYouTube said in this blog post.

For creators, YouTube is releasing a new option called “Increase Strictness,” which the company says builds on the “Reserve potentially inappropriate comments for review” setting and allows for a reduction in mass spam and abuse comments.

Another option called creators will not allow hiding subscribers, There are a bunch of creators who are actually hiding their subscribers to gain more but now the company will remove this feature.

Moreover, the last option is to restrict the use of special characters while creating a new account since it will limit the characters that can be used as part of the channel name.

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