Google Pixel 6a overheating issue surfaced ahead of official launch; fingerprint scanner faster than Pixel 6/6 Pro

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    While Google is yet to launch its much anticipated mid-range phone — Pixel 6a — later this year, we have already come across some videos revealing the smartphone from the inside as well as outside.

    This downgraded version of the standard Pixel 6 has a lot to offer at an affordable price range. Google has tried to tie this handset with a bunch of features while keeping the typical Pixel 6 design in sight.

    Pixel 6a overheating issue surfaced in a video ahead of launch

    However, issues have already begun to pop up even before the handset is made available to the public. In the recent comparison video of Pixel 6a and iPhone 13 Pro Max, a YouTuber noted overheating issues on Pixel 6a, and that too only after short usage.


    According to the YouTube video, Pixel 6a went too hot after shooting just a 4-4 minutes of photos and video. This is a bit concerning for those who are looking forward to putting their hands on this upcoming handset.

    Several users have also reported overheating issues with Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Moreover, there were some other performance issues reported where the device lagged a bit while taking pictures.

    However, issues like these can be fixed with a simple software update and we hope that the Pixel 6a is free from any bugs as it reaches the hands of the public.


    Pixel 6a features a faster fingerprint scanner than Pixel 6/6 Pro

    On the brighter side, the Pixel 6a has a more reliable and faster in-display fingerprint scanner as compared to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. So, users won’t be having any complaints while unlocking the devices.

    In the video linked below, YouTube has compared the fingerprint scanner of Pixel 6a with that of Pixel 6 Pro. And Pixel 6a was quicker than the Pro variant. You can check out the full comparison video of Pixel 6a and iPhone 13 Pro below.


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