Nokia Android 13 Update: Eligible devices, release date, features & more

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    Nokia has been trying to get back into the smartphone market, however, the company hasn’t received much response from the users yet. But still, its previously earned reputation has provided this Finland-based tech giant to gain enough users to survive in the business.

    This brand once used to be the top choice of the users, but with the advent of Android, Nokia couldn’t cope with the changing environment. And somehow other brands such as Apple and Samsung took over.

    Fast forward to now, Nokia finally made a comeback with Google’s Android OS or still trying to make one. The company seems to be working on its software segment as — alongside other OEMs — Nokia has also released its first preview of the Android 13 update for Nokia X20 users.

    It depends on the model you own whether or not the new Android 13 update will be available for your Nokia device when the OS begins rolling out officially. While you may already know if your device is eligible for Android 13 or not, the actual rollout time is still unknown.

    We hope that Nokia has done some work on the timeliness of its Android OS rollout. However, nothing can be said as of yet and things will be revealed with time. And we dedicate this tracker to track all the latest news regarding Nokia Android 13 update.


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    • We will regularly update this tracker with the latest info.
    • The eligible device list given below is not officially confirmed and subject to change in future.

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    Nokia Android 13 Release date:

    As for the release date, it will be very early to even speculate the release time for Nokia Android 13 update. But going by Google’s timeline, the Nokia is expected to begin its rollout until September at the earliest.


    In this particular section, we will provide you with the latest information regarding the release date for Nokia devices. So, stay tuned.


    The Android 13 brings many changes, both in the functionality and the UI. And as the Nokia smartphones come with Android One, the features will more or less be similar to those of Pixel phones.

    However, Nokia may have its own tweaks to add to its Android 13 update and we will update this section as and when anything regarding the features of the Nokia Android 13 update comes up.


    Eligible devices:

    Here are the Nokia smartphones that are eligible for the Android 13 update. You can check below if your Nokia phone gets through for the upcoming OS.

    • Nokia G10
    • Nokia G11
    • Nokia G20
    • Nokia G21
    • Nokia G50
    • Nokia X10
    • Nokia X100
    • Nokia X20
    • Nokia XR20

    Rollout beta/stable info:

    This section will carry all the latest stable/beta Android 13 rollout information for Nokia devices. It will be updated as and when the company starts rolling out an Android 13 update for its devices, so you would want to bookmark this page to get the latest information at the earliest.

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