Vivo X80 Pro receives Android 13 Developer Preview

Today, the company revealed that the Android 13 for Vivo X80 Pro is available. In addition, the company revealed that the developer adaptation version is now available.

The latest version of Android will allow users and developers to adapt their apps to the new Android version. Betas are still in early development and may not represent a stable enough user experience.

We do not recommend flashing this ROM unless you are a developer, especially if you have little experience in software development or flashing custom ROMs, continue at your own risk’.

The new system adds the foreground service (FGS) task manager function, which supports displaying the list of applications currently running the foreground service.

It also allows users to quickly stop foreground services. In addition, Android 13 Beta provides developers with a separate API for cross-app language control. This also allows users to set language preferences to switch between different applications.

For multimedia like audio and pictures, Android 13 Beta introduces updates like Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) audio, programmable shaders, and quick setup and placement APIs. It also provides developers with more application development tools and features.

However, since this is a developer preview, there are some issues. Vivo X80 Pro may encounter the following issues with this version.

  • Users can not adjust the brightness in the settings.
  • Unable to use fingerprint and face recognition to unlock.
  • The camera preview album function is not available.
  • Some third-party applications have compatibility issues.
  • The status bar can not open the Internet connection. Users need to set it manually in the settings.

In terms of security and privacy, Android 13 introduces a new system of permission management and settings. The security measures for scenarios such as notification operation, background human sensor operation, dynamic registration receiver export, and active application downgrade are further strengthened. to protect user privacy.

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