Samsung May 2022 Android security bulletin: New CVE & SVE fixes

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    Samsung has started rolling out the maintenance release for major flagship models as part of the monthly Security Maintenance Release (SMR) process. This SMR package includes patches from Google and Samsung.

    The company started kicking off the May 2022 security update with its current flagship model — Galaxy S22 lineup — last week. Yesterday, the same OTA was rolled out to the Galaxy S21 series.

    Today, the South Korean company released a list of privacy and security vulnerabilities that have been fixed with its May 2022 security patch.

    The latest firmware brings fixes from Google for 28 high-priority vulnerabilities and 3 moderate-priority vulnerabilities fixes. The OTA also contains 6 fixes that are not applicable to Samsung devices for May 2022 update from Google.

    Along with 31 Google bulletins, Samsung released 18 vulnerabilities found in its smartphones and tablets includes Improper access control vulnerability in Weather, Launch arbitrary activity with system privilege, Vulnerability with access to Contents To Window, Ability to uninstall arbitrary apps.

    Directory listing as a system user, Out-of-bounds read vulnerability in aviextractor library, and Out-of-bounds read vulnerability in wmfextractor library.




    • CVE-2021-0707,CVE-2021-39800, CVE-2021-39801, CVE-2021-39802, CVE-2021-30350,CVE-2021-30344
    • CVE-2021-30340,CVE-2021-30334,CVE-2021-35130,CVE-2021-39807,CVE-2021-39662,CVE-2022-20004
    • CVE-2022-20005,CVE-2022-20006,CVE-2022-20007,CVE-2022-20113,CVE-2022-20114
    • CVE-2022-20116,CVE-2022-20010,CVE-2022-20011,CVE-2022-20115,CVE-2021-39670,CVE-2022-20112


    • CVE-2021-1020,CVE-2021-1021,CVE-2021-39700

    Already included in previous updates

    • CVE-2022-20081,CVE-2021-25477,CVE-2021-30349,CVE-2021-30281,CVE-2021-30338,CVE-2021-35091,CVE-2021-35095

    Not applicable to Samsung devices

    • CVE-2021-35104,CVE-2021-30345,CVE-2021-30346,CVE-2021-35070,CVE-2021-35100,CVE-2021-35123

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