Nvidia Shield TV 9.0.2 update based on Android 11 brings bug fixes

As Nvidia works on improving its buggy Android 11 update, the company releases yet another update with a bunch of bug fixes. The Shield Experience 9.0.2 is now rolling out for Shield TV users.

Unlike any major update, this one is just aimed to resolve some bugs including additions like Plex support for the latest Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD DVB-T tuner and you’ll also get useful notification when connecting or formatting removable storage.

This update brings a bug fix for the AI scaling issue in the Netflix app, fixed an issue where the surround upmixer does not work when playing Dolby audio.

Moreover, it also resolves the issue of copying files from Mac to removable storage on SHIELD over a local network. And lastly, the issue with the pairing controller has also been fixed.

Other than these aforementioned fixes and new addition, the new update also improves file transfer speeds. You can check the full changelog of Shield Experience 9.0.2 below (Via).


  • Adds Plex support for latest Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD DVB-T tuner (in EU only)
  • Adds helpful notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage
  • Fixes bug where AI upscaling could not be changed in Netflix app (applies to 2019 SHIELD devices only)
  • Fixes bug where surround upmixer would stop working after playing Dolby audio streams
  • Improves file transfer speeds
  • Fixes bug when copying files over local network from Mac to removable storage on SHIELD
  • Resolves issue pairing Dual Shock 3, XBOX One S, XBOX Series S/X, and Switch Pro controllers

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