YouTube Music getting redesigned Add to Playlist UI for Android and iOS

Google started releasing a redesigned Add to Playlist UI for the YouTube Music application for both Android and iOS devices. The latest upgrade to YouTube Music brings the new ‘Add to playlist’ user interface.

This featured UI was first visible for web YouTube Music, the company started rolling out the same feature now in the application. The redesigned UI is currently in testing.

As reported by 9to5Google, the company rolling out this latest UI for the YouTube Music application on Android (version 4.64+) and iOS (4.65+).

The new UI offers only the five most recent playlists in the top carousel, while the app marks which ones are stored locally for offline playback. In the YouTube Music application, you can add songs to the ‘Your likes’ named playlist.

Google released a new feature with a fresh UI interface called artwork which helps quickly to identify your music collection. In the application, there is still a list of ‘All playlists’ with the help of artwork you can find your playlist.

According to a report, It’s the same version that YouTube Music has offered on the Progressive Web App for a few months back. Latest update for YouTube Music is currently for the limited users, while there are reports of some initial buggy behavior.

If you haven’t receive this update, then you can check for update by navigating Play Store or App Store on your device > Search YouTube Music > update.

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