Nvidia Shield TV receive 9.0.1 update to fix Android TV 11 issues

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    Nvidia started rolling out a new firmware update to its Shield TV, the late Android TV 11 update for Shield TV was carried with some bug issues. Now, the company started releasing another software update for the TV to fixes those bugs.

    The latest update approach with build 9.0.1 version, OTA brings:

    • Resolves PLEX Media Server issue
    • Fixes storage permissions on media player, file browser, and emulator apps
    • Fixes stutter when playing interlaced content

    Besides these major fixes mentioned above, the latest update includes a bunch of other fixes too. And if you have one of these issues, then you should install this update and see if they get resolved. Check the full changelog below.

    Particularly, earlier the company available Hotfix to the users of Shield TV to fix some of these common issues, yet it was not widely obtainable to the devices.

    Instead, manual registration is required to push to individual devices. Nvidia has yet to add 9.0.1 to its in-progress changelog.

    The latest Android TV 11 brought numerous issues for the Nvidia Shield TV, the key issues occur due to system-level changes to storage that Google introduced in last Android TV version.

    These changes caused Shield TV owners to see broken Plex servers, external storage and permissions issues, and other issues. Other then that update also cause some of the applications with content playback.


    Major issues addressed

    • Resolves PLEX Media Server issues
    • Fixes storage permission issues on media players, file browsers, and emulator apps
    • Fixes stutter when playing interlaced content


    • Resolves brief video corruption when watching YouTube TV
    • Fixes issue where HDMI-CEC volume control will be adjusted by 2 increments
    • Removes thumbnail overlay when taking a screenshot
    • Resolves issue where screen would be rotated 90 degrees
    • Restores “beta” description to “Match frame rate” settings


    • [SHIELD 2019] Fixes bug where audio would be lost after toggling “Dolby audio processing”
    • Fixes Bluetooth audio issue when “Audio formats” is set to manual


    • [SHIELD 2019 8GB model] Resolves issue where SD card would not be detected after reboot
    • Resolves issue where files on adopted storage was not visible when connecting over local network
    • Resolves issue where Android folders are automatically created when connecting storage
    • Fixes bug where files cannot copy onto removable storage when connecting over local network from a Mac
    • Fixes bug copying files to SHIELD over local network when app is running on SHIELD
    • Fixes bug where Kodi media files were not visible when connecting over local network


    • Fixes bug where “Wi-Fi roaming enabled” switch was not working properly
    • Resolves issue where user is prompted for Wi-Fi network again after successfully connecting to networks


    • Fixes Kodi bug where SHIELD TV app, Control4, and other remotes would not work properly
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    • Fixes Kodi issue where long press select or menu would not be detected properly
    • Fixes issue on XBOX controllers where pressing the XBOX button would not bring up Stadia menu
    • Fixes bug where IR volume control would be disabled when USB DAC was connected
    • Resolves navigation issues when selecting folders to grant files and media permissions


    • Resolves instances where SHIELD would not be visible as a cast device


    • Fixes bug where Kodi system files were unaccessable
    • Fixes bug where playback status for videos would show up on the home screen


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