[U] German govt proposed to seven years of software updates for Android and iOS devices

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    Update 01 : Feb. 14, 2022

    Not seven, but Samsung did announce five years software update policy for its select Galaxy devices. Check details here.

    Original article follows | September 06, 2021

    In the recent development over the software updates policy of the phone makers, the German government has said that the OEMs should provide at least seven years of software support for iOS and Android devices. Not just the updates, the federal government of Germany also proposed EU commission that the manufacturers need to provide replacement parts at a reasonable price. (VIA)

    Moreover, the federal govt. praises to advocate strict regulations for delivering the spare parts faster. The commission has currently decided the maximum delivery time of 5 days. This is a matter of concern as the long repair time leads to a change of consumers’ minds as they then choose for exchange rather than repair.

    All these new policies will be implemented to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. The longer software updates will resist the users to use the smartphone for more time. While the production of new devices will also lead to affect the environment, so repair is the better option to avoid electronic waste.

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    On the other hand, the commission plans to make at least 5 years of updates and the availability of spare parts mandatory for the phone makers. And also wants the manufacturers to reveal the prices of the replaceable parts (which should be low) and not increase them afterward.

    software updates

    Meanwhile, the smartphone industry does not seem to follow any of the rules, whether for 5 years or 7 years. The digital Europe industry association which represents brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei wants to provide the updates for just two to three years.

    Also, the spare parts will be a hurdle for the industry as the makers can only provide displays and batteries. While the other parts such as cameras, microphones, speakers, and connectors probably won’t be included.


    However, the companies will be abided by rules to follow what the commission decides. The final decision is yet to come, and the users are now excited cum anxious to know how many years of software support they will be getting.

    South Korea’s Samsung has indirectly made the statement about the software service time. The company says that the average smartphone usage time of the smartphone was 21 months in 2021, which is increased to 29 months in 2020. Apple has not said anything on this matter, but the iOS users already get 7 years of updates, so there’s no need to.

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