How to share your current location on Google Maps with others

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    Google Maps is the most popular navigation service in the world. Many users, whether Android or iOS, consider Google Maps for finding their routes.

    This service comes pre-installed with all Android phones, while iOS users will need to download it through App Store.

    As Google has been working on its Maps for a long time, the company has made this service outstanding by updating it regularly with adding new features and several other improvements.

    Google Maps comes offers many interesting and helpful features besides simple route navigations. It provides you with real-time traffic analysis, local business information, read-out directions, provide street view, and more.

    Users can also easily share their current location with anybody for a limited period of time, and through this the person will know every bit about your travel. And you can always trust Google Maps while sharing your location to anybody.

    This feature is very easy to use and if you find it heck of a job, then worry not, here we have a proper guide on how you can share your current location on Google Maps.

    Sharing your location on Google Maps:

    To share your current status make sure you have logged into Google Maps on your Android or iOS device and then follow the given steps:

    1. Open Google Maps on your device.
    2. Tap your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.
    3. Under the pop-up list of options, select Location Sharing.
    4. Choose a duration between 1 and 12 hours or a full day.
    5. You can also choose “Until you turn off this feature”, if you share the link, it will share your location for up to 24 hours. If sharing to a Gmail account, this option will allow always-on location sharing.
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    7. Choose the contact you want to share with.
    8. You can find more contacts by swiping all the way to the right and tapping more. It may ask you for permission to access your contacts.
    9. On Android devices, you may be able to share through apps such as Telegram or Messages. This will send your location as a link through the application of your choice.
    10. After making your choice, click Share.

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