Will Google fix Android 12′ messy & ugly UI with Android 13 update?


Were you excited about Android 12? I’m sure you were, looking at how hyped this OS got in the first half of the year when it entered the beta phase. With Google’s revolutionary Material You making a comeback, loads of other features and UI overhaul made the Android 12 one of the most popular Android upgrades.

It was not just the Material You that caught the attention of users, there are many bugs and issues too that made this OS the talk of the town. Besides the issues, many users have also discarded the new UI look and said it’s ugly and messy.


However, many users also admired the Android 12 as it was after a long time, Google made these huge changes. The Mountain view-based company introduced a plethora of new features from small such as smoother animations, slightly updated notifications to even the biggest which include privacy dashboard, Material You, new quick settings, and much more.

Not so comfortable – Android 12!

While these changes received a warm welcome from users, many also found it to be uncomfortable or not so worth it. For example, with Android 12 Google merged internet and Wi-Fi quick settings into one and this had a mixed reaction from users, but the majority of them didn’t like it at all.

Users say that they have to tap twice to turn on Wi-Fi or the internet and the majority of them don’t use any of the one settings frequently, so separate toggles for both should have been provided. This leaves us with a question if the quick settings in Android 12 are really any quick to open?

Well, that’s one thing, there are plenty of other changes that are not so comfortable or not so stimulating. Consider the clock widget on the lock screen which makes it difficult for users to determine what time is it.


Some people also called this version a step back from Android 11. As a result, Google’s community forum got filled with questions and complaints that still remain unnoticed by Google. Or even if they did, there wasn’t any acknowledgment to them or anything.

Many users who got frustrated by Android 12 took to social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit to raise their complaints and give feedback about all the new changes of Android 12. And while some new things were appreciated, Android 12 has never made it to the likes of many users.

Android 12 got many issues as well

As if the ugliness and uncomfortable user interface weren’t enough, the Android 12 was also flooded with issues and bugs that further irritated the end-users. Unsurprisingly, some basic issues such as apps crashing, UI stuttering while scrolling, new functions not working properly started popping up after the initial release.

But as soon as Android 12 expanded to more users worldwide, several major issues such as face unlock not working, broken wallpaper, Google Assistant not responding, Bluetooth not connecting, basic apps such as Phone not working, and many more started to show up.

More on Google:

We consider these kinds of bugs in beta builds, but it looks like Google has never made out of the beta or the company somewhat failed to optimize its operating system before releasing the stable version.

But what now, what’s done is done, what’s up next for Google? How can these things be changed? We can hope that Google makes some changes in its Android 12 OS in future software updates. However, this is not something we can rely on.

A temporary solution here is rolling back to Android 11 until it gets fixed or making use of any third-party launchers.

Will Android 13 fix all the mess made by 2021 Android update?

Now coming to what’s next. Google is also said to roll out the Android 12L next year, designed for big-screen devices such as foldable and tablets. This version will also likely roll out for Pixel users, however, with what info regarding Android 12L we have in hands, we don’t expect it to bring major changes, so we are unclear if it will fix the mess created by Android 12.

However, the next Android version will surely carry major changes and this time around it will be Android 13, although, it’s still a few months away from being announced in developer preview. Moreover, the end-users won’t get until the stable comes out which is way too far.

If we go by the previous trend, Google will likely release Android 13 beta in March 2022 and plenty of new features of Android 13 will be revealed. Thus, we will get an idea of how much Android 12 will get tweaked in the upcoming Android version.

So, we hope that Google fixes the mess it made with Android 12 in the upcoming Android OS – Android 13 Tiramisu and if it does, we will let you know. For the latest updates on Android 13, check our dedicated tracker. And to know if you are eligible for this Android upgrade check our coverage on Android 13 device list for all OEMs.

That said, we will keep tabs on the new developments of Google and Android, so stay tuned. Also, make sure you leave your thought on Android 12 in the comments box below.

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