Oppo Android 12 ColorOS 12 Features: Redesigned UI, intelligent widgets, new privacy controls and more

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On September 16, Oppo introduced us to its latest ColorOS version based on Android 12 — the ColorOS 12. The company also revealed the features that will be part of the Oppo, OnePlus, and realme devices in the coming days.

Moreover, we also know the official ColorOS 12 rollout plan for the Oppo and OnePlus phones that will join the Early Access program in the coming days. Usually, the new ColorOS version doesn’t bring major kinds of features but this time seems different, Oppo took the software game seriously.

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The BBK owned Chinese phone maker has deeply customized Android 12 greatly improving the design, fluency, ease of use, and privacy. It includes features such as ultra-strict privacy controls, cross-device interconnection, and much more.

ColorOS 12 features

There is a wide range of features that comes with Oppo’s Android 12 based ColorOS 12 and here are the top picks that are the key highlight. It includes

  • New User Interface – Borderless design
  • Smooth performance and animations
  • Intelligent Widgets
  • Privacy and Security
  • Free-floating Window
  • Smart Sidebar 2.0
  • Cross-screen Interconection

Oppo ColorOS 12 (Android 12) Features:

New User Interface – Borderless design

Oppo’s Android 12 update brings major UI changes with a new Borderless design making the tabs look more immersive and easy to handle. The border has been removed that was previously used to separate different functions.

The ColorOS 12 has a much responsive design and it differentiates primary and secondary information with different shades of colors. The new ColorOS version also adds a widgets feature — ‘Quick View Cards’ for the home screen.

ColorOS 12 design

Smooth performance and animations

To boost the performance of UI, Oppo has added a new Quantum Engine 3.0 to the new ColorOS 12. It includes features such as dynamic damping, limit feedback, speed inheritance, and seamless transition.

To uplift the performance, Oppo uses Smooth Engine 2.0 that reduces the memory usage by 30%, diminishes the background power consumption by 20%, and increases the battery life by 12%.

All of these functionalities will offer gamers seamless gameplay without interruptions in the frame rates and smooth controls.

Intelligent Widgets

Following Apple’s iOS, Oppo adds a new widget feature that allows users to add shortcuts on the home screen to easily access any features without opening the entire application. The widgets can be created for different apps and are easily customizable.

ColorOS 12 widgets

Privacy and Security 

Oppo makes sure its users have a completely secure space. With ColorOS 12, there are several privacy-related controls added to the UI. It includes:

  • The third-party application permission management
  • Active reminders for sensitive permissions
  • Intelligent notification management

Free-floating Window

The Free Floating Window lets the users minimize any window to its smallest size to help you get on to another task and easily switch back to the previous window with a double click.

Moreover, you can also adjust the size of that window single-handedly. To do so, just drag the window to the edge of the screen and just drag the corner.

Smart Sidebar 2.0

The Smart Sidebar is another useful feature of ColorOS that brings features directly onto your home screen. Previously, the Smart Sidebar had some simplistic features such as helping you while comparing prices when shopping, helping you to recognize the music, real-time subtitle translation while watching videos in different languages, etc.


While the new one has a brand new collection of a shared atlas, supports uploading multiple original images and much more to make your daily experience easier.

ColorOS 12 sidebar

Cross-screen Interconection

The new ColorOS 12 debuts the coss-screen interconnection feature that can be used to share screen content with other displays such as PC, smart TV, when in range.

Moreover, you can do a lot more than just screen sharing, the seamless and easy file transfer can be done by drag and dropping the files between two screens. It also involves sharing clipboards, shared document editing, shared screenshots.

The compatibility of this feature is already excellent and it will further reach 80% within three years.

ColorOS 12 cross device connection


Taking emojis to another height, the company brought OMOJI. It is based on a photon vision engine, which can control muscle movements, and the expressions are rich and natural. The OMOJI in ColorOS 12 has a variety of styles and is customizable. You can even use it in video chats.

ColorOS 12 OMOJI


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